Both London elementary schools will be closed until Christmas Break according to the BBC.


All London schools will be closed next week as London deals with an unusually high number of coronavirus infections.

The Labor city leader said that the government has agreed to shut down all schools in a blanket approach after opting to use a selective approach at first.

Mr Khan tweeted that the government has finally seen sense and agreed to treat all schools fairly across London.

“This is the right decision – and I’d like to thank Education Secretary Nick Gibb for our constructive discussions over the last two days.”

Mr. Khan was angered by the fact that some primary school pupils were instructed to return next week, and he argued that local leaders weren’t aware.

Under the government’s original proposal, most London schools would have stayed closed, but only those in the City of London and Kingston would have reopen.

After eight London borough representatives wrote to the Education Minister, Gavin Williamson, the decision was overturned and elementary schools were reopened.

In the letter, the leaders explicitly stated that collectively, they did not understand the reasoning behind this decision.

They provided evidence that there was a substantial difference in infection rates between boroughs where schools were to remain closed, and boroughs where schools were to reopen.

The heads of the borough councils of Islington, Camden, Hackney, Lambeth, Lewisham, Greenwich, Haringey, and Harrow signed the document.

Dr. Mary Bousted, a member of the Joint General Secretary Union, said the announcement would also extend to all of the United Kingdom.

“It is welcome that ministers, albeit in their usual last-minute manner, have corrected an obviously nonsensical position – one they could not justify by evidence or sense,” she said.

The question must be asked: Why are education ministers so lacking in knowledge, experience, and/or motivation? Who is advising them, and why?

A model used in England is applicable to the rest of the world.

“With Covid-19 infection levels at their highest and hospitals buckling under the tsunami of very sick patients, it’s time for ministers to do their duty – to protect the NHS by following Sage’s advice and closing all primary and secondary schools to bring the R rate below 1.”

It is time for the government to protect its people, and particularly its children, by closing all elementary school for two weeks to make schools safer, and to provide protection to children and families in the event of further attacks.


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