Boris writes to Macron, requesting that joint patrols be established on French beaches to deter immigration.


Boris writes to Macron, requesting that joint patrols be established on French beaches to deter immigration.

BORIS JOHNSON has written to French President Emmanuel Macron, demanding coordinated patrols on French beaches to begin next week in order to prevent boats carrying migrants to the United Kingdom.

Boris Johnson, 57, feels this would have “instant and serious implications” for Channel crossings.

Mr Johnson has proposed joint Anglo-French patrols as well as a new return arrangement between the two countries.

“This may include French gendarmes and UK Border Force working jointly, potentially under one unified command structure, or the joint deployment of private security contractors,” Prime Minister Theresa May wrote to Emmanuel Macron, 43.

Migrants arriving illegally on British shores would be sent back to France if Paris backs the pact.

On Wednesday, 27 individuals perished in the English Channel, prompting the letter.

The planned pact, according to Downing Street, is the greatest long-term answer to the rising problem of boat crossings.

“A returns agreement would be the single biggest deterrent of these crimes,” a senior government official told the Telegraph. Migrants who illegally cross the Channel are returned back to France, thereby shutting down smuggling rings.” “If those who arrive in this nation are quickly repatriated, the motivation for individuals to put their life in the hands of traffickers will be greatly decreased,” the Prime Minister remarked. Mr Johnson went on to say that he wants to set up “joint patrols wherever they can be most successful.” During the years 2021-22, the UK has committed to giving France €62.7 million (£54 million) to help expand police patrols along its coastline, improve aerial surveillance, and improve security infrastructure at ports.

According to figures provided by the Press Association, more than 25,700 persons have crossed the Channel this year.

More sensors on French beaches, deeper cooperative intelligence, and improved airborne monitoring are among the UK’s other recommendations.

According to a readout from the Élysée Palace, Mr. Macron encouraged Mr. Johnson to “refrain from using a tragic circumstance for political objectives” during a phone call on Thursday night.

Mr Johnson called on France to “step up” and do more with the UK to intercept small boats earlier on Thursday, before the Prime Minister recommended the patrols on French beaches.

“We’ve had trouble persuading some of our allies, particularly the French, to act in the way we believe the situation warrants,” he said.


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