BORIS WARNED: ‘Unfair’ health-care plan will bankrupt voters with more than £100,000 in assets – ‘It’s not right!’


BORIS WARNED: ‘Unfair’ health-care plan will bankrupt voters with more than £100,000 in assets – ‘It’s not right!’

Sir Keir Starmer, writing for the Express, warns that Boris Johnson’s social care policy will “clobber” hardworking voters, as analysis shows the Red Wall will be the hardest hit.

The Labour Party has accused the government of planning to impose a “working-class dementia tax,” which would see the poorest people forced to pay more for their care.

No one will have to pay more than £86,000 for their care under the Prime Minister’s plan.

However, changes passed by the House of Commons on Monday exempt means-tested council support payments from the cap.

According to Sir Keir, the poorest members of society will be forced to sell their homes in order to cover the costs.

“Anyone with assets worth £100,000 – the majority of which is tied up in their own home – will lose almost everything under their new scheme,” he writes for This website.

“In the meantime, someone with £1,000,000 in assets will keep almost everything.”

“That’s not right, and it’s not even close to being fair.”

“The government has raised taxes on working people to fund this plan, so it’s outrageous that the money is then used to protect the wealthiest estates while leaving everyone else at risk of losing their home.”

“Theresa May’s plan to levy a dementia tax on individuals backfired in 2017.”

“Boris Johnson hasn’t learned his lesson – he’s done it again, but this time he’s shielded those with million-pound homes.”

“What we’re left with is a dementia tax for the working class.”

Those whose homes are worth less than £186,000 will face higher costs, while those whose homes are worth more than £186,000 will be unaffected.

Conservative backbenchers are worried that the policy will come back to bite them during the next election.

They are concerned that it will violate the party’s election promise that no one would be forced to sell their homes to pay for social care.

According to the party’s analysis, those living in the north of England and the midlands will be the most affected by the changes.

Workington, Barrow and Furness, Don Valley, Redcar, and Bishop Auckland – all of which voted Conservative for the first time in decades in 2019 – are among the hardest hit.

Mr Johnson admitted after the election that many people had “loaned their vote” to the Conservatives in order for them to “get Brexit done,” and that he would have to work hard to earn their trust.

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