Boris unveils new elite army as a warning to China and Russia, infuriating the bitter SNP.


Boris unveils new elite army as a warning to China and Russia, infuriating the bitter SNP.

THE SNP has reacted angrily to the British Army’s announcement of a new elite force capable of fighting on four fronts.

Defence Secretary Ben Wallace said he wanted the army to be at the “heart” of the UK when announcing a new Union Division. Two of the battalions will be deployed to Africa, one to the Middle East, and one of the Ranger Regiment’s four battalions will focus on the ongoing crises in Eastern Europe.

More battalions will be stationed in Scotland as part of the makeover, and the First Battalion of the Royal Regiment of Scotland will become part of a new Ranger Regiment.

Future Soldier changes to the armed services, according to Mr Wallace, will result in “an Army that supports the entire union.”

Mr Wallace had previously stated, according to a senior defence source, that “the size of the army was predicated not on a figure pulled out of the air, but on ambition and threat.”

The Ranger Regiment is modeled after the United States’ Green Beret special forces, a second-tier special forces outfit that works alongside the first-tier Delta Force and Navy Seals.

“Attempts like this to politicize serving troops, who chose to go into a career in uniform with a desire to protect, is a sign of how desperate the conservative government has become,” SNP defence spokesman Stewart McDonald wrote on Twitter.

“Soldiers require a genuine improvement in terms and conditions, not just for political purposes.”

Douglas Chapman, another SNP MP, stated that Scotland is still facing base closures.

“With this statement and its intricacy, the devil will be in the details,” he stated at Westminster.

Mr Wallace claimed the Army “cannot afford to be a slave to sentiment” in a speech at Westminster, when he also announced the four infantry administrative divisions: the Queen’s Division, the Union Division, the Light Division, and the Guards and Parachute Division.

“An larger share of the Army will be based in each of the devolved nations,” he stated.

Kinloss in Moray and Leuchars in Fife will be extended, while Glencorse Barracks in Edinburgh will be kept.

The Ministry of Defence claims that the £355 million investment will bring Scotland “almost a £1 billion in economic benefits.”

The Rangers’ initial missions are set to commence in the early part of the year. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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