Boris told ‘it’s too late’ to avert the autumn spike — worries of a new shutdown on Covid LIVE.


Boris told ‘it’s too late’ to avert the autumn spike — worries of a new shutdown on Covid LIVE.

As worries of another harsh lockdown grow, BORIS JOHNSON has been advised that it is already too late to stop a fourth wave of COVID-19 in the Autumn.

As we approach the Autumn months, there is concern that delays in booster shots, schools resuming early, and colder weather will result in another large increase in Covid-19 cases. Professor Peter Openshaw, a government expert, fears it may already be too late, as deaths and cases continue to grow.

Yesterday, the UK reported 178 more deaths and 38,154 new cases within 28 days of a positive test.

The booster vaccination program, which was supposed to begin on Monday, will be postponed since the Joint Committee on Vaccination and Immunization (JCVI) has yet to release their final advice.

“If we wait for everything to report before making a decision, we may well be past the point where we should have been making a choice,” Mr Openshaw added.

Despite the lack of JCVI permission, Prime Minister Boris Johnson has stated that the booster roll-out will begin this month.

Professor Neil Ferguson has also warned that if daily cases exceed 100,000, the NHS will be put under considerable strain, potentially resulting in another lockdown.

“We expect to see a big increase in cases,” the Sage member added, “but it’s too early to determine if it would need any rollback of the restrictions.”

The escalating toll of extended Covid has been highlighted by new statistics from the Office for National Statistics (ONS).

Long Covid refers to the symptoms that some people have after the COVID-19 infection has left their body and they have tested negative for the virus.

These can last for weeks or months, with no knowledge of the long-term consequences.

According to polling, 643,000 Britons experience long-term symptoms that negatively impact their daily lives.

Fatigue, dyspnea, muscle discomfort, and difficulties concentrating are the most prevalent symptoms.

This month, around 38,000 children reported having lengthy Covid.

As we go into the winter months, the ongoing problem of lengthy Covid will put a bigger demand on the NHS.


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