Boris slams the SNP’s “manifest failures,” prompting a red-faced ‘What on earth are you doing?’ from Blackford.


Boris slams the SNP’s “manifest failures,” prompting a red-faced ‘What on earth are you doing?’ from Blackford.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson punched IAN BLACKFORD in the face after an attack on the government’s credibility backfired catastrophically.

In a furious Prime Minister’s Questions address, the SNP Westminster leader launched a full-throated attack on Boris Johnson, claiming that his Government is falling apart at the seams and that he is being deserted by his own MPs, advisors, and the British public, who he claims do not trust him or his handling of Brexit. However, Mr Johnson’s vehement attack on the Prime Minister backfired when he blamed Ian Blackford for the SNP’s own problems in his own answer.

“Brexit is wreaking havoc on the economy, yet the Prime Minister can’t even give a cogent address to business!” snarled Ian Blackford.

Officials in the Prime Minister’s office have lost faith in him.

“Tory MPs have lost faith in him, letters are being written, and the public has lost faith in him.”

“Why is he clutching on when he clearly isn’t up to the job!” he screamed.

But the Prime Minister retaliated, exploding as he attacked the Scottish people’s trust in the SNP.

“I might ask the right honourable member what on earth he thinks he’s doing talking about party political matters!” he said, “When all the people of Scotland want to hear is what the Scottish National Party is up to!”

Mr Johnson then mocked Mr Blackford for the SNP’s “falling in the polls” and the popularity of the issue of Scottish independence eroding.

The Prime Minister then turned his attention to the SNP’s domestic performance, stating that he is “not shocked” that the Scottish nationalists are losing popularity.

“Considering their numerous failures on tax, education, and everything else that the people of Scotland care about, I’m not shocked!” he remarked.

“And I see some cooperation on the opposing benches!” says the speaker.

The remarks come after new polling shows that support for a second Scottish independence referendum has dwindled for the seventh time in a row, with more people preferring to stay in the Union.

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