Boris must face China’s “bullying,” according to an ex-UK official, who is concerned about a Taliban tie-up.


Boris must face China’s “bullying,” according to an ex-UK official, who is concerned about a Taliban tie-up.

According to an ex-UK ambassador, China is anxious about a Taliban tie-up, and Boris must deal with it.

Boris Johnson, according to a former ambassador, must put his money where his mouth is when speaking out against China’s more hostile foreign policy if he wants Britain to be taken seriously on the international stage.

Adrian Hill also stated that China’s President Xi Jinping will regret “getting into bed” with Pakistan, which he claimed meant backing with the Taliban, who are considered to be on the cusp of overthrowing the Afghan government. Mr. Hill, who is 80 years old, was speaking as the US prepares to withdraw its troops from Afghanistan by August 31. The Taliban currently control 85 percent of the country.

General Mark Milley, chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, admitted last Monday that the terrorist organization might “completely take over” the country in months.

Mr Hill, a former member of the Channel Tunnel team at the Foreign and Commonwealth Office and the Cabinet Office’s COBRA Committee, told This website that China has long been strategically aligned with Pakistan, whose Inter-Services Intelligence Agency (ISI) “created the Taliban.”

In the mid-1960s, he was stationed in Lahore for his first overseas assignment, during which he drove all over the North West Frontier, Afghanistan, and India, getting to know the natives.

“Back then, despite his modernizing drive, Afghanistan was ruled by a monarch to whom the tribal elders remained loyal,” he said. In Kabul, girls went to school, and some of them wore miniskirts.

“The British Embassy property was big and stunning, with 20 acres of greenery and the largest polished dance floor in south west Asia, all designed to demonstrate that we were a more civilized and advanced nation than our French, German, and Russian adversaries a century earlier.

“The Foreign Office sold it to Pakistan. The gardens were used as a Taliban training area, and they are now desert. Mr Hill believes that Pakistan’s intelligence service dispatched forerunners of the Taliban into Indian Kashmir in September 1965, starting a full-scale conflict.

“Brinkwire Summary News.” During a massive tank battle, Lahore was almost taken, and the front line was.


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