Boris loses patience with the English Channel migrant crisis, and the Prime Minister orders an immediate crackdown.


Boris loses patience with the English Channel migrant crisis, and the Prime Minister orders an immediate crackdown.

According to reports, BORIS JOHNSON has become “exasperated” with the number of migrants who have managed to cross the English Channel.

Because of the current crisis, the Prime Minister has appointed Stephen Barclay to oversee efforts to draft new policies.

According to reports, the government is concerned that the number of migrants crossing the border will increase next spring as a result of warmer temperatures, and that there are currently no viable policies in place to prevent this.

The Duchy of Lancaster’s Chancellor will now be called in to draft policies and ensure that all departments are involved as much as possible.

According to a senior government source, the Prime Minister now views the issue as a top priority for the government.

Mr Johnson is also thought to be concerned that nothing has been resolved nearly two years after his election.

“Boris is exasperated,” a source told The New York Times.

“He considers this to be one of his top priorities, and he is concerned that there are still no viable solutions after two years.”

“He’s told ministers that no matter how difficult it is, they must redouble their efforts to fix this.”

“If it looks bad now, it’ll look even worse in the spring when the weather warms up.”

The Border Force devised a plan to turn back vessels in the Channel, but it has yet to be implemented due to concerns that the vessels might sink at sea.

Migrants will also be sent to Albania to be processed.

The deal has yet to be confirmed, and the country has ruled out any such agreement.

“Albania will never be a country where very rich countries set up camps for their refugees,” said Edi Rama, Albania’s prime minister, in an interview.

“Never, ever.”

Ms Patel signed a £53 million deal with the French government in July to beef up patrols.

However, as of last week, 24,500 migrants had successfully crossed the English Channel into the United Kingdom.

Ms Patel had threatened to withhold money from the French authorities if the number of successful crossings continued to rise.

Ms Patel met with Gérald Darmanin, her French counterpart, to discuss the current crisis.

“Both the Home Secretary and the Interior Minister agreed to strengthen operational cooperation further,” according to a statement released after the meeting.

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“More needs to be done to put an end to the dangerous crossings.

“To which they agreed.

“News from the Brinkwire.”


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