Boris Johnson’s vacation causes consternation on the Costa del Sol: ‘We don’t know who he is!’


Boris Johnson’s vacation causes consternation on the Costa del Sol: ‘We don’t know who he is!’

BORIS JOHNSON must be opting for a peaceful getaway, as the mayor of the town where he is staying claims that the Prime Minister has never been there.

Mr Johnson, 57, flew to a “luxury home” near Marbella for a week’s vacation, arriving last Thursday. The beautiful grounds of Torre de Tramores, where Mr Johnson is rumored to be staying, were formerly a favorite vacation spot of Princess Diana.

Lady Diana, as well as Jemima Khan and Hugh Grant, have been known to visit Malaga from the house.

The grounds are a 600-hectare luxury estate on a hilltop near the Malaga town of Benahavs. Parts of the grounds are available for rent for £25,000 per week.

Despite the Prime Minister’s announcement that he would be vacationing in Benahavis, the mayor of Benahavis, José Antonio Mena, claims that “there is no official record of his attendance.”

“We have no formal record of his presence in the municipality,” Mr Mena told SER.

“There will be no formal reception.”

“If he is truly in Benahavs, he has come to relax and enjoy his vacation.”

Although the mayor would not rule out the possibility that the Prime Minister is on vacation in Malaga, there is no official record indicating Mr Johnson is in the area.

Inside the grounds where Mr Johnson is expected to stay, there have been some unexpected activities.

On several instances, Civil Guard cars, as well as vans with foreign number plates, have been seen entering and exiting the grounds.

The press has not only gathered outside the Torre de Tramores, but has also visited surrounding restaurants, which are known to be a popular eating spot for those attending the event.

The Prime Minister’s visit to the town has yet to be confirmed by the press.

After spending a week in the lovely locale, Mr Johnson is set to return to the UK on Thursday.

It is still unknown whether the 57-year-old is traveling alone or with his wife, Carrie, and their one-year-old son, Wilfred.

Many people were surprised by Boris Johnson’s vacation to Malaga, after Downing Street indicated in August that he would not be taking a break this year.

“He’s away from the. “Brinkwire Summary News,” a Downing Street spokesperson said of the Prime Minister’s journey away.


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