Boris Johnson’s three demands to the Taliban during the G7 crunch talks – a “breeding ground of terror”


Boris Johnson’s three demands to the Taliban during the G7 crunch talks – a “breeding ground of terror”

During the G7 crunch discussions, Boris Johnson made three requests to the Taliban: a “breeding ground of terror,”

BORIS JOHNSON praised the UK evacuation mission for freeing almost 9,000 Afghan refugees, but he had three demands and promised to rescue even more from the Taliban’s clutches. The full text of his statements can be found below.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson praised our military’s “huge, massive effort” in rescuing thousands of civilians stranded in Afghanistan, but warned that if the fighting escalates, tens of thousands more may need to be evacuated. Despite the Prime Minister’s pleas, Joe Biden insisted on removing US troops by the August 31 deadline, despite the Prime Minister’s emphasis on providing “safe passage for those who desire to come out.” The Prime Minister emphasized three criteria, saying, “Afghanistan cannot revert to being a breeding ground for terror.”

“I think you have to appreciate first and foremost how much has already been accomplished; just since August 14th, we have evacuated 9,000 people, the UK alone has flown 9,000 people out of Kabul, I believe 57 flights – a massive, huge effort by our troops,” says Boris Johnson.

“We’re going to keep going until the very last second. You have, however, heard what both the President of the United States and the Taliban have said.

“I think you have to understand the context in which we’re doing this; we’re confident we can get tens of thousands more out of it,” she says.

“However, the situation at the airport is not improving; there are issues with public order, awful images for those attempting to evacuate, and it is also challenging for our soldiers.

“What we did today at the G7 was bring together the main Western nations and agree on a road map for how we’ll engage with the Taliban, since there will almost probably be a Taliban government in Kabul.

“The most important condition we’re imposing on them as a G7 is that they ensure safe passage for those who want to come out all the way through, through August 31 and beyond.

“Some will say they don’t accept it, while others, I believe, will see the logic in it because the G7 has a lot of clout -.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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