Boris Johnson’s “Red Wall seat” gimmick jeopardizes Britain’s global “soft power” post-Brexit.


Boris Johnson’s “Red Wall seat” gimmick jeopardizes Britain’s global “soft power” post-Brexit.

TOBIAS ELWOOD slammed Boris Johnson and the government for allowing Britain’s global clout to dwindle as a result of Brexit.

Tobias Ellwood, a Tory MP and Chair of the House of Commons Defence Select Committee, believed that cutting the UK’s foreign aid budget from 0.7 to 0.5 percent was a mistake. During an interview with This website, he stated that this might weaken Britain’s worldwide power as a result of Brexit. As a result, countries like China may fill the hole left by the UK by investing in developing countries.

He also said that Boris Johnson’s and his government’s hesitation to promote the concept of foreign aid to red wall seats was a ruse.

“Why not employ foreign aid as soft power,” Mr Ellwood suggested.

“When you start using that word, let’s go back to Afghanistan; the soft power that we used is the polar opposite of hard force.

“You can’t destroy any military or insurrection with military means alone; soft power is required.

“As a result, when we sell it that way, when we say this is what we do to help our position on the international stage, I think we would win over a lot more of the general public,” Mr Ellwood said, criticizing Boris Johnson and his government for failing to persuade Britons of the importance of “soft power.”

“Which, anyhow, doesn’t work because it’s a capital expenditure, saying you’ll get $4 billion invested in you.

“It’s all part of a political ruse to keep the government in power.

“I understand politics is always involved, but there are greater concerns at play here,” Mr Ellwood said, emphasizing how this soft power relaxation may be beneficial to China.

He said China will try to supplant the West in nations where it has less power, which might lead to disaster.

“Reducing our programs in Somalia will result in people starving and more people becoming slaves,” he stated.

“It will result in us leaving vacuums that Al-Shabaab will exploit.

“In other locations, China will rapidly focus in and jump in, replacing us with their own advanced aid programs, moving back to soft power.

“Once they get in, it will be extremely difficult.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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