Boris Johnson’s ‘pathetic’ attack on Rishi has sparked a Tory civil war, with MPs fuming.


Boris Johnson’s ‘pathetic’ attack on Rishi has sparked a Tory civil war, with MPs fuming.

Tory MPs are furious after Boris Johnson threatened to demote his Chancellor, Rishi Sunak, after an explosive dispute between the two.

After a letter from the Chancellor pushing for the relaxing of travel restrictions was published last week, Mr Johnson is said to have considered firing his Downing Street neighbor. Mr Sunak is understood to have been mentioned by the Prime Minister in a meeting of No10 officials as a possible Health Secretary.

Mr Johnson is not likely to follow out his threat, thus the remarks are understood to have been made “half in joke.”

He claims he had no idea the letter had been written to him and was shocked when he first read about it in the media.

In recent weeks, there have been several clashes between No10 and No11, with the Chancellor advocating for a larger re-opening of society to aid the economy’s recovery from the pandemic.

Since the first national lockout last spring to aid Britain through the Covid crisis, the Treasury has borrowed billions of pounds.

Conservative colleagues are furious at Mr Johnson’s vow to oust the Chancellor now.

One MP told the Sun, “It’s all beyond sad and shows a lack of team spirit.”

“Rishi has a tough job ahead of him to maintain spending on a level keel.

“The issue is that the Prime Minister’s impulse is to say yes to everyone.

“It’s all counterproductive while we’re still dealing with a worldwide pandemic and trying to rebuild.”

Even more blunt was one of the Chancellor’s allies.

“By demoting him, he is essentially writing his death sentence. “No one else compares to Rishi,” they told The Telegraph.

“In the Government, he’s the most popular character.

“I believe he provides stability.

“I’m not sure why you’d want to get rid of him.”

Mr Sunak has a net satisfaction rating of 74.1 percent, according to a poll of Conservative party members published last week, with just International Trade Secretary Liz Truss scoring better.

The Prime Minister’s net satisfaction rating dropped 36 points in a month to only 3.4 percent.

Mr Johnson’s life is going to be made tougher by the popularity of the No11 inhabitant.

As he works to rebuild the public finances following the coronavirus disaster, the Chancellor is contemplating a harsh expenditure review later this year.

The Prime Minister, on the other hand, has stated that there will be none. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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