Boris Johnson’s approval rating: Shocking figures reveal that the Prime Minister is facing his most difficult challenge yet.


Boris Johnson’s approval rating: Shocking figures reveal that the Prime Minister is facing his toughest test yet.

BORIS JOHNSON’S recent performance has been described as “shambolic” and indicative of a breakdown in Downing Street – but why is the Prime Minister facing his toughest challenge yet, according to the latest polls?

Boris Johnson’s latest speech to business leaders was a shambles, and he has been widely chastised for it.

Members of the public and MPs have been quick to criticize him, with accusations made that he is unfit to lead the country.

Downing Street has denied these allegations and stated that he is solely focused on leading the United Kingdom. This website analyzes the most recent poll and examines why the Prime Minister is fighting an uphill battle to reclaim his position.

the most recent

According to a recent YouGov poll, only 29% of people think he’s doing a good job as Prime Minister.

This is the lowest level since he took office as president.

On the other hand, as of November 22, 64 percent of the more than 1,600 adults polled in the United Kingdom believe he is failing in his role.

His approval rating has been steadily declining since peaking at 48 percent in May, when Mr Johnson’s approval outweighed his disapproval for the first time.

Another YouGov poll asked whether the Conservative Party is united or divided, and the majority (57 percent) said it is divided.

This is a significant increase over the most recent figures, but it is still nowhere near the highest recorded, which was 80% in September 2019, shortly after Mr Johnson took over from Theresa May.

The poll, which was conducted between November 22 and November 25, found that 16 percent of the 1,626 to 1,804 respondents believe the Conservative Party is united.

This left 27% unsure whether the party was united or divided.

Throughout his time as Prime Minister, Boris Johnson has maintained a high level of popularity.

However, since the Owen Paterson saga and the ensuing second-jobs scandal, the PM’s poll numbers have plummeted.

Many people are now questioning whether Mr Johnson is fit to lead the country after he gave a bizarre – and at times chaotic – speech to business leaders in the North East.

The Prime Minister lost his place for about 30 seconds during the CBI speech.

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