Boris Johnson, where are you? PM isn’t on vacation, but he’s also not at Downing Street.


Boris Johnson, where are you? PM isn’t on vacation, but he’s also not at Downing Street.

BORIS JOHNSON and his family have left Downing Street, but where is the Prime Minister now?

Despite the current catastrophe in Afghanistan, Boris Johnson has left No 10. His spokesman has declined to claim he is “on vacation” and has emphasised that he is “still working,” but he has admitted that the Prime Minister has left the country’s capital with his wife and little son Wilfred.

On Sunday, Mr Johnson left Downing Street for a few days in the countryside.

The PM is currently in the west country, according to No 10, but is working on matters relating to the impact from the troop withdrawal from Afghanistan.

Mr Johnson is expected to return to London on Thursday, according to the PM’s official spokeswoman.

The spokesman, on the other hand, declined to declare the weekend a holiday, adding, “The Prime Minister is continuing to work.”

Many people took to social media to express their displeasure with the claims.

“So traveling away with your family for a few days to a different area of the nation is ‘not a holiday,’ yet building an addition to an existing hospital is a ‘new hospital,’” one Twitter user remarked. This government’s deception and use of ‘newspeak’ is breathtaking.”

“He doesn’t have to take vacations; every day is a vacation for Johnson; he has never worked an honest day in his life,” another observed.

“Another holiday, he only returned the other day,” one individual said. In the Western Hemisphere, the UK has the most inactive Prime Minister.”

“His entire life is a vacation,” another person said. He’s never worked a day in his life.”

Mr Johnson’s activities were also criticized by Leeds North West Labour MP Alex Sobel, who said, “If it’s not a holiday, what is it?”

“MPs haven’t had a briefing call since Thursday, and I’m currently in Afghanistan with over 200 family members and no reaction on a single case.”

Some, on the other hand, complimented the PM for his efforts with Covid and suggested that he deserved a respite.

“Good,” one individual wrote. He is deserving of a break.”

The outrage follows Dominic Raab’s harsh criticism for not returning from his vacation in Crete as the Taliban seized control of Kabul.

Many have called for Mr Raab’s resignation, despite the fact that Downing Street and Boris Johnson have expressed complete confidence in Mr Raab’s leadership. No. 10 “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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