Boris Johnson receives a harsh warning from Nigel Farage over the Brexit betrayal: ‘Can see new PM casualty.’


Boris Johnson receives a harsh warning from Nigel Farage over the Brexit betrayal: ‘Can see new PM casualty’.

NIGEL FARAGE has issued a scathing warning to Boris Johnson over his Brexit betrayal, predicting “another prime ministerial casualty.”

The embattled Prime Minister was warned by the former leader of the Brexit Party that a “revolt on the Right” is brewing, posing a “huge threat” to the Tory leader.

Boris Johnson’s failure to “properly” complete Brexit, he said, could spell the end of his Prime Ministership.

The Prime Minister’s reputation has been shattered by Nigel Farage’s damning comments as a series of scandals rock the Conservative Party.

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage predicted that if Mr Johnson fails to keep his promises to reclaim control after Brexit, voters will abandon the Conservative Party.

“People lent their vote to Johnson in 2019 to break the Brexit deadlock and reclaim control of our borders because the immigration issue still matters to them,” he wrote for the Daily Telegraph.

“Yet, just two years later, the sheer volume of illegal Channel crossings has infuriated these voters.”

According to the Migration Observatory, the North East now has 17 times the number of asylum seekers as the South East.”

“Everyone can see the effect of this.”

As the council house waiting list grows, there’s a growing suspicion that Johnson said what voters wanted to hear about’regaining control,’ but didn’t mean it.”

Former Ukip leader Nigel Farage believes history is repeating itself, with the Right gaining traction under Richard Tice’s Reform UK party, similar to Ukip’s rise in popularity in the 2011 Barnsley Central by-election, which helped the UK finally leave the EU.

“That by-election marked the start of the insurgency that led to the EU referendum and David Cameron’s removal from Downing Street,” Mr Farage said.

He believes Reform UK has a “big chance” of succeeding and putting the Conservatives in “danger.”

“A Right-wing revolt is brewing, posing a huge threat to the Prime Minister,” Mr Farage added.

“The right-wing revolt brought David Cameron’s and Theresa May’s premierships to an end.

“Brexit has not been properly completed.

Our country is at a significant disadvantage as a result of the net zero strategy.

And the Channel crossings are a source of embarrassment for the United Kingdom.

“I understand the disappointment of Red Wall voters who expected Brexit to usher in a new era of politics.

This is not the case.

“It’s just the same old thing – a.”

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