Boris Johnson praises Germany while admitting that the United Kingdom has major flaws. ‘We have to be open and honest!’


Boris Johnson praises Germany while admitting that the United Kingdom has major flaws. ‘We have to be open and honest!’

As he laid out his blueprint for constructing a stronger Britain, BORIS JOHNSON paid credit to Germany’s leveling up across the country’s east.

Boris Johnson highlighted the “astonishing truth” that what was once East Germany has now exceeded the northeast of the United Kingdom in terms of GDP per capita during his levelling up address in Coventry. The Prime Minister went on to say that Germany had succeeded in leveling the playing field where the United Kingdom had failed.

“It is an amazing truth that 31 years after German unification, the per capita GDP of the northeast of our country, Yorkshire, the East Midlands, Wales, and Northern Ireland, is now lower than that of former East Germany,” Mr Johnson said.

“We have to be honest with ourselves; Germany has mostly succeeded in leveling up where we have failed.

“It’s critical to recognize that these imbalances and inequities exist inside the UK’s regions, not just between them.”

“We don’t need to look at what happened in the old East Germany, which has engulfed parts of our country,” he added.

“We may look to our own history to see how places can revive and rejuvenate without access to natural resources, without finding gold or oil beneath their streets.”

The Prime Minister stated during his speech at the UK Battery Industrialisation Centre in Coventry that leveling up was a “big effort.”

“Let us be clear about the philosophical distinction between this effort, leveling up and leveling down,” he continued.

“We don’t want to decapitate the tall poppies, and we don’t believe that making the poorer portions of the country poorer will make the wealthy sections of the country richer.

“You can’t expect to stimulate growth across the country by preventing businesses from expanding.”

Boris Johnson stated that the UK will achieve “a strong and dynamic, wealth-creating economy.”

“Government has to play a catalytic role, and government has to take a strategic lead,” he said.

“However, this necessitates stability from government, not ad hoc changes.”

Some viewers flocked to Twitter to discuss Boris’ connection to East Germany.

“Boris Johnson started his address talking about geographical discrepancies in life expectancy, social mobility, and the fact that our economic disparity is larger than E/W Germany,” one Twitter user stated.

“But what is he going to do about it?” wrote another.

“Sometimes you watch a speech by Boris Johnson.” Brinkwire Summary News, said a third.


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