Boris Johnson is’shooting himself in the foot’ with his transportation U-turn, which will cost him a lot of votes!


Boris Johnson is’shooting himself in the foot’ with his transportation U-turn, which will cost him a lot of votes!

With news that major railway upgrades will not go ahead in the pivotal Red Wall region, Boris Johnson has been warned that he is “shooting himself” and the Conservative Party in the foot.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been accused of betrayal after his plans for a modern high-speed train were scaled back, saving the United Kingdom billions of pounds.

Mr Johnson has also been accused of breaking a major promise by having the train line proposals downgraded.

Many people have been disappointed by the revised plans, as MPs have chastised Boris over fears that the U-turn will hurt the Conservatives’ electoral prospects in the Red Wall.

Nancy Fielder, editor of the Sheffield Star, warned that northerners have felt particularly betrayed after voting for Boris Johnson in the 2019 general election.

“He won votes on a promise to transform the North,” Ms Fielder told BBC Politics.

“Make it easier for the large northern cities to contribute appropriately to the national economy.”

“There, he’s shooting himself in the foot.”

“To be able to communicate and get to each other more quickly; if he lived up here, he would understand how everyone drives between Sheffield, Manchester, and Leeds because the transportation is so bad.”

“I think he’s making a huge, huge mistake,” Ms Fielder added.

‘Has he made a blunder abroad?’ people ask.

“Has he made a mistake on this? If so, he’ll lose a lot of votes in the North.”

“It’s sad that we’re even thinking about it this way because it’s preventing the North from contributing economically.”

“And, frankly, it’s revolting, and the mood in the North is raging today.”

Bradford is one of the worst connected cities in the UK for commuters, with journeys taking over an hour in some parts of the North.

Thousands of commuters were optimistic about the government’s promised changes to rail services.

“The Government has ripped up those promises and betrayed people in the North,” Labour leader Kier Starmer said when asked about his thoughts on the proposed changes.

“I was in Bradford yesterday, and the rage was palpable,” says the author.

“People believe that promises were made to them and that they were broken.”

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