Boris Johnson is on the verge of losing his job as the Cabinet turns against him over the Covid rules, resulting in a Tory civil war.


Boris Johnson is on the verge of resigning as the Cabinet turns on him over the Covid rules, igniting a Tory civil war.

Boris Johnson is in danger of losing his job as the Prime Minister’s Cabinet turns against him over Covid rules, igniting a Tory civil war.

CABINET ministers are putting more pressure on Boris Johnson to cut the Covid self-isolation period short, as his backbenchers grow increasingly irritated.

Chancellor Rishi Sunak is the latest figure to support reducing the Covid quarantine period to five days.

Thousands of businesses fear being crippled by a lack of staff, and the Richmond MP believes the cut will help keep the economy afloat.

The increased pressure for action comes after the US took similar steps to reduce quarantine at the end of last month.

“We’ll continue to look at the infectivity periods, but the key thing is that we don’t want to be releasing people back into the workplace when they’re still infectious,” Mr Johnson said last week.

“And the risk is that infectious people will return to work in threefold.”

“So, if you see what I mean, you could have a perversely negative effect on the workforce, so that’s the argument we’re considering.”

Over the weekend, however, Education Secretary Nadhim Zahawi became the first minister to publicly back the five-day suspension.

He told Sky News that it would “certainly help mitigate some of the pressures on schools, critical workforce, and others.”

According to the minister, teacher absences in schools are currently at 8.5 percent and are expected to rise further.


When the Cabinet meets tomorrow, Mr Johnson will almost certainly be confronted with the issue.

Backbenchers have also voiced their opinions on the subject.

“Mr Sunak is correct in his support for reducing the period of isolation for people who are not sick,” said Sir John Redwood, a former cabinet minister.

“The biggest threat now to the NHS, indeed to all essential services and businesses, is forced absenteeism due to self-isolation due to high levels of infection,” Andrew Bridgen, MP for North West Leicestershire, added.

“America’s self-isolation has been reduced to five days; I am confident that we can do the same.”

Mark Harper, the Tory chairman of the anti-lockdown Covid Recovery Group, said last night that the Prime Minister was under pressure.

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