Boris Johnson is accused by a Labour MP of putting the Queen in a “uncomfortable position.”


Boris Johnson is accused by a Labour MP of putting the Queen in a “uncomfortable position.”

BORIS JOHNSON has been accused of putting the Queen in a “uncomfortable situation” because of the government’s stance on China’s human rights violations.

Boris Johnson has been questioned by Labour MP Stephen Kinnock about leaving the Queen in a “uncomfortable position” regarding the UK Government’s stance on China’s treatment of the Uighurs in Xinjiang. On Friday, Mr Kinnock argued in Parliament that the Government’s position “looked to sanction a system responsible for genocide.” Sending royals to the Beijing Winter Olympics, according to the Shadow Foreign Office Minister, would be a “betrayal of the Uighur people.”

“Does he think it is acceptable that the Prime Minister is going to put members of the royal family, and by inference Her Majesty the Queen, in the difficult position of appearing to condone a regime that is responsible for genocide?” Mr Kinnock pressed Foreign Office minister Nigel Adams.

“In short, sending royals or officials to Beijing in February would not be fair to those individuals, would not be proper for our country, and would be a betrayal of the Uighur people,” the Labour MP had previously stated.

“As the Prime Minister has repeatedly stated, no decisions have yet been taken about the UK Government’s presence at those Winter Olympics in Beijing,” Mr Adams responded.

The minister also claimed that “robust action” against China had already been taken, including fines and efforts to ensure that British companies and their supply chains were not “complicit” in Chinese government operations in Xinjiang.

Labour’s Shadow Foreign Secretary Lisa Nandy asked the Royal Family and government politicians to boycott the 2022 Olympics in China earlier this month.

“We have continuously encouraged the Government for more forceful actions to address this horrific situation, including more severe sanctions against senior officials responsible for what is happening in Xinjiang and stronger restrictions against forced labor,” the Labour MP said.

“We are now urging you to use the Games to urge for unrestricted UN access to Xinjiang in order to undertake a thorough, transparent, and independent investigation.

“The UK and other governments have frequently requested this, but it has yet to be realized.

“If permission is not provided, the UK Government should not send ministers, members of the Royal Family, or senior representatives to Beijing to take part in any formal responsibilities or ceremonies.”

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