Boris Johnson: Brexit would allow the United Kingdom to think large and improve the economy.


Boris Johnson has emphasized that BREXIT would encourage Britain to “think big,” as he made clear his determination to continue as prime minister despite reports that before the 2024 general election, Tory backbenchers will pursue a change of leader.

Like in the U.K. Johnson acknowledged, “The tragic reality of business is that there is some red tape.” which reached its first full week after the end of the transition era, with many companies and individuals fearing a flood of red tape.

“We’re trying to eliminate it, but we have a huge opportunity to expand our horizons, think globally and think big. And that’s the moment for this country.”We’re trying to eliminate it, but we’ve got a huge chance to broaden our horizons, think globally and think big. And that’s the time for this nation.

When Andrew Marr of the BBC asked him about the 159 pages that form the U.K. The Prime Minister responded, “Of course there will be changes and we’ve made that clear…a There’s huge opportunity for U.K. SMEs and for exporters of all kinds.” The government’s handbook of rules for exporters to the EU.

He clarified that as a result of leaving the EU, businesses “have already got significant amounts of money back into this country as a result of leaving the EU.”

Asked if, after the UK, he intended to remain in Downing Street. Johnson, finally leaving the EU, said, “Yes, yes.”

“He told Mr. Marr, “If I may say so, Andrew, you can break out of your characteristic gloom. Things are very hard; as a country, we are going through a very difficult time, but I really think people can concentrate on the incredible fact that this country has created a room-warm vaccine that can be used all over the world.

“And we have freedoms now that we haven’t had in 50 years, and there are a lot of reasons to be very positive about this otherwise bleak new year.”

Some Conservative MPs have privately expressed concern about the handling of the government’s response to the pandemic by the prime minister, especially the series of U-turns that they claim have made victims of ministers rather than champions of events.

With opinion polls showing a rise in support for the Labour Party under Sir Keir Starmer’s leadership, it is assumed that the Conservative Party will have to determine whether to continue with or turn away from Mr. Johnson in the next 18 months; the general thinking is that a new leader will need to build a new front team and devise his own political team at least a year before the 2024 election.

“shock therapy.”shock therapy.

The former prime minister said, “For Britain alone, there is nothing that Brexit will do; it will leave us economically weaker and with less political clout.”

“The only way I can understand Brexit is to look at it as shock therapy; that we then realize that we have to make certain big decisions as a country, that we have to set a new agenda for the future, but that will be difficult to do.”

“The former Labour leader added: “These so-called European regulatory freedoms that Brexit is supposed to give us do not really give us much.

And the fact is that Britain’s options lie and have always been with the British people and the British government they have selected.

“But what it means is if we just carry on the same old political debate post-Brexit as we had pre-Brexit, we’re in big trouble as a country.”

Elsewhere, after Britain leaves the EU, Priti Patel said she was prepared to grant police and security agencies ‘much stronger powers to keep this country safe’.

The home secretary praised the trade and security agreement post-Brexit that was hammered out as the clock ticked down to leave the bloc, stressing that the U.K. To defend its boundaries, it will be in a stronger place now.


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