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Boris Johnson announces an army of ‘covid marshalls will enforce tough new rules’

BORIS Johnson has announced an army of “Covid marshalls” to enforce tough new rules on social gatherings.

The PM vowed to strengthen enforcement on people flouting the rules banning more than six people meeting – but people have already started to mock the new marshalls.

The PM said this evening: “I also want to see and the public wants to see stronger enforcement of the rules already in place.

“In future premises and venues where people meet socially will be legally required to request the contact details of every party, record and retain these details for 21 days and provide them to NHS Test and Trace when required.”

The PM warned “Covid secure” marshalls would be marched out to check up on pubs and restaurants and dole out fines if social distancing rules were not being followed.

He said: “Fines will be levied against hospitality venues that fail to ensure their premises remain Covid secure.

“We will boost the enforcement capacity of local authorities by introducing COVID Secure Marshalls to help ensure social distancing in town and city centres.”

A register of Environment Health Officers will also be set up for local authorities to call up when they need extra help cracking down on venues that fail to keep records or follow social distancing rules

The new rules mean family gatherings could have to be broken up as the two-households restriction has been scrapped, and any group of more than six people will be broken up – and could even be fined.

It comes after a huge surge in coronavirus cases.

The PM said: “we are simplifying and strengthening the rules – making them easier for you to understand and for the police to enforce. 

“I should stress that if we are to beat the virus then everyone, at all times, should limit social contact as much as possible and minimise interactions with other households.

“It is safer to meet outdoors and you should keep your distance from anyone you don’t live with, even if they are close friends or family.”



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