Boris is under pressure as senior Conservatives back Lord Frost’s enraged critics.


Boris is under pressure as senior Conservatives back Lord Frost’s enraged critics.

Former Brexit Secretary David Davis backed Lord Frost’s criticism of Boris Johnson, insisting that the Prime Minister must “be a True Conservative” to remain in power.

Mr Davis backed Lord David Frost, the now-former Brexit Minister who resigned in December 2021 due to disagreements over the Tory-led Plan B vote.

After securing Red Wall voters’ support in the last general election, the former Brexit Secretary insisted that the focus now must be on delivering for them.

Mr Davis agreed with Lord Frost, who recently chastised Prime Minister Boris Johnson and suggested he ‘become a true Tory.’

“He is, in a sense, my successor, and I believe he’s got it exactly right,” Mr Davis said.

“I mean, I don’t agree with everything your previous speaker said at the end, but his initial comment about the anti-Corbyn element of it…

“I went around 17 of the seats we won in the last election.”

“You could call sixteen of them Red Wall seats, and there was no stereotyping or anything, but they all sent me to council estates.”

“And the response I got on every doorstep was primarily about Corbyn,” Mr Davis added.

“It wasn’t about us; it was primarily about Corbyn, and three-quarters of those – we’re talking about bricklayers, welders, lorry drivers, electricians, you know, the upper working class, skilled working class – were Corbyn supporters.”

“They all said these people raised our taxes, and three-quarters said they’re going to raise our taxes.”

“And one-quarter complained about Corbyn’s anti-patriotism, which is related to Murray in a way, Douglas Murray.”

“They were mostly ex-soldiers who despised IRA ties and similar nonsense.”

“Obviously, getting Brexit done was a huge part of our success.”

“A second big element was the expectation that we wouldn’t raise taxes,” Mr Davis continued.

“And we’d run the economy with greater caution than any Labour Party.”

“So that’s the sort of starting point, and that’s why David Frost is correct.”

“We have to… we’ve been saying it for a long time, since the beginning of the problems at the end of last year,” says the group.

With the promise of completing Brexit, the Conservative Party won several northern seats in 2019.

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