Boris is planning a general election in the early winter, and Starmer is concerned about ‘Labour problems.’


Boris is planning a general election in the early winter, and Starmer is concerned about ‘Labour problems.’

BORIS JOHNSON is rumored to be planning another winter general election to catch the Labour Party off guard.

The Prime Minister is apparently considering surprising Sir Keir Starmer by holding elections in November or December 2023, a year sooner than expected.

In December 2019, the Conservatives won a resounding win, and Mr Johnson is looking for a repeat performance.

The next general election is slated for May 2024, however the government is presently in the process of ripping up the legislation that sets out the election date.

Another Christmas election, according to a cabinet source, will be a “advantage” for the Conservatives and will reduce Labour’s prospects of winning.

“Labour struggles to get their people out more than we do, which gives us an advantage,” they told the Mirror.

“And we believe that in the midlands and north, people will begin to witness the results of the PM’s leveling up plan, with roads being built and houses being erected.”

When the 2011 law is eventually abolished, however, the Prime Minister will be able to call a vote at his leisure.

The Conservative coalition government enacted the legislation to prevent then-Prime Minister David Cameron from calling an early election and expelling the Liberal Democrats from office.

In December 2019, a general election was called to break the impasse in parliament caused by Brexit.

On a promise to “Get Brexit Done,” Mr Johnson crashed through the Labour “Red Wall” and led the Conservatives to an 80-seat triumph over Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour Party.

In order to increase voter turnout, general elections are generally held in May.

Turnout was 67.3 percent during the chilly and gloomy election in December, down 1.5 percent from the summer election in 2017.

The Prime Minister poured his campaign enthusiasm into his first speech to the Tory party conference since securing the keys to Number 10 earlier this week.

Mr Johnson wasted no time criticizing his opposite number and old sparring partner at the voting box while speaking to the Tory faithful in Manchester.

“It is the first time since the general election of 2019 when we finally put that corduroyed astronaut into orbit where he belongs,” the Prime Minister added, referring to Mr Corbyn.

Mr. Johnson was also a participant. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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