Boris is met by desperate fisherman in a ‘fight for survival’ as the Brexit deal ‘falls short.’


Boris is met by desperate fisherman in a ‘fight for survival’ as the Brexit deal ‘falls short.’

BORIS Johnson has been urged to “stop the bleeding” of jobs as a result of Brexit, with one sector leader warning: “This is a fight for survival.”

The Prime Minister met with the heads of a variety of fishing organizations today, together with Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng, Scotland Office minister David Duguid, and Scottish Tory leader Douglas Ross. Jimmy Buchan, chief executive of the Scottish Seafood Association, pushed the Prime Minister on the number of jobs lost in the industry as a result of Brexit, which has reduced the number of seasonal workers in Scotland and had an impact on the seafood business.

“I requested a guarantee that the Government would engage closely with us to overcome the urgent labor shortage,” Mr Buchan said thereafter.

“He agreed that a campaign was needed to attract young people to the business and that immediate action was needed to stop the outflow of abroad workers that has occurred since January 1.”

Mr. Buchan and other fishing industry leaders also warned Mr. Johnson that the Brexit plan “failed to meet expectations.”

When the deal’s red tape generated traffic jams at Dover, the sector experienced difficulties in exporting goods.

EU fishermen will be able to fish in UK waters until 2026, according to the agreement announced at the end of last year.

Mr Johnson, according to Elspeth Macdonald, chief executive of the Scottish Fishermen’s Federation, has a responsibility to support the sector until EU fishermen’s access ends.

“The Prime Minister has previously spoken about an El Dorado of fish from 2026 onwards,” she remarked.

“However, we are looking for a commitment from him to provide considerably better prospects for the Scottish fleet both now and in the future.

“In the short term, the sector will be a matter of survival, but we want to prosper, and we need to start planning now to ensure that we can rebuild this business.”

Following the Fraserburgh meeting, the Prime Minister and Mr Kwarteng visited an offshore wind farm in the North Sea, where Ms Macdonald discussed the subject of offshore renewables.

“More renewable energy is obviously necessary in the fight against climate change,” she said.

“However, we must equally acknowledge that fish is a high-protein diet with a.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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