Boris is being “irresponsible” when it comes to Covid freedoms, according to one expert – “Wrong and hazardous!”


Boris is being “irresponsible” when it comes to Covid freedoms, according to one expert – “Wrong and hazardous!”

The termination of England’s coronavirus lockdown has been dubbed “irresponsible” by BORIS JOHNSON.

The Prime Minister declared “Freedom Day” at a news conference on Monday, signaling the end of legal prohibitions on social distancing and facial coverings. Professor Anthony Glees, an intelligence and security expert at Buckingham University, has slammed the decision to stop lockdowns as “wrong and irresponsible.”

The professor expressed his reservations about the Prime Minister’s Covid plan, pointing out that Britain has already experienced many other “freedom days.”

“The decision to reopen is wrong and unsafe, and it demonstrates, once again, that British Prime Minister Boris Johnson is willing to endanger people’s lives without regard for the tragedies that could have been avoided,” he stated.

“Restrictions were released for the first time in mid-July last year, following the end of the first shutdown, which began in March, and then again in December 2020, following the end of the second lockdown, which began in November.

“And new waves of Covid followed these days of freedom. Boris Johnson had stated that he would make his decision based on data rather than dates this time.

“That is, before making a final decision on openings, he would look at the amount of infections and immunizations, but that is not the case.”

Prof Glees mentioned specialists who have railed against Mr Johnson’s lifting of limits in an interview with the Italian news source Avvenire.

“Experts who oppose the elimination of regulations anticipate that we will approach 100,000 infected,” he told the outlet.

“The impact on the country’s life will be terrible, even if the number of deaths and resuscitation patients remains low.”

The specialist then suggested that England could wait another month to ensure that “30 percent more of the population would be protected, and possibly we might attain herd immunity.”

“There is no need to open now,” he remarked. Waiting another month is reasonable.”

The Prime Minister defended the decision to lift England’s lockdown at a press conference conducted while self-isolating in Chequers on Monday.

“There comes a point when limits don’t prevent hospitalizations or deaths; they just postpone the inevitable,” he said.

“As a result, we have to ask ourselves, if not now, when?

“While hospitalizations and deaths are unfortunately on the rise, these figures are within within the range of what our scientists expected at the outset.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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