Boris is a jumble of inconsistencies, but he’s the best we have – LEO McKINSTRY.


Boris is a jumble of inconsistencies, but he’s the best we have – LEO McKINSTRY.

Boris Johnson has defied conventional wisdom, simplistic typecasting, and even political gravity over his tempestuous career.

He manages to be a Tory radical and a cosmopolitan patriot, a loner with magnetic appeal and an outsider reared in the British elite, through a distinctive persona that embraces a plethora of conflicting features.

He’s a populist with a poetic spirit, a romantic with a touch of cynicism, and a perpetual winner at gambling.

Any other politician would have been destroyed by the vibrant intricacies of his personal life. They have simply added to the vividness of his account in his situation.

“Narrative is what people live by. “Human beings are imaginative creatures,” he once said. No other modern prime minister has told a story as colorful and captivating as David Cameron’s.

He has been in Downing Street for exactly two years, succeeding Theresa May, whose tarnished tenure had been a sorrowful spiral into paralysis. Boris Johnson has crammed more controversy and accomplishment into the last 24 months than most other leaders do in their whole term in office.

He has secured Britain’s withdrawal from the European Union, presided over a historic General Election victory, dealt with an unprecedented health crisis, implemented the most intrusive state of emergency since WWII, had his own brush with death, remarried, and fathered a young son with his new wife during an exhilarating, exhausting journey.

It may have been an unprecedented time for our country, but the Prime Minister’s flair for drama has been on display for the past two years. Indeed, his premiership has highlighted the depth of his inconsistencies.

This is the liberal who was always adverse to the EU’s officialdom because of his distaste of puritanism and bureaucratic intrusion. Nonetheless, circumstances pushed him to become the modern-day Cromwell, with a wide arsenal of restrictions covering everything from pub closures to personal contact.

Similarly, despite his earlier opposition to big government, he has presided over the state’s largest expansion in decades, with borrowing and debts at all-time highs. In the United Kingdom, no socialist government has ever spent so much money.

To his detractors, this further confirms their suspicions that Boris Johnson lacks convictions and that everything is sacrificed in the sake of his ambition.

Just before he ascended to the throne. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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