Boris has warned of a massive uprising if the Covid rules are extended – a leadership threat looms.


Boris has warned of a massive uprising if the Covid rules are extended – a leadership threat looms.

A Covid-critical Tory MP has warned Boris Johnson about the risk of a massive uprising if restrictions are extended, and has expressed concern that the Prime Minister could face a leadership challenge.

Boris Johnson, 57, has had a tumultuous few months as the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom.

Following reports of Downing Street Christmas parties, the Prime Minister faced a major 100-strong backbench revolt, lost the once safe seat of North Shropshire, and saw his public support plummet.

Mr Johnson briefed MPs on the COVID-19 situation upon his return to the Commons.

“In response to the latest data, the Cabinet agreed this morning that we should stick with Plan B for another three weeks, with a further review before the regulations expire on January 26,” Mr Johnson said from the despatch box.

“People in England should work from home as much as possible, wear face coverings on public transportation and in most indoor public places, and take a test before visiting high-risk venues or meeting the elderly or vulnerable,” says the report.

“All of these measures are assisting in calming the Omicron wave, slowing the spread of infection, reducing immediate pressures on our NHS, and buying time for the boosters to take effect.”

But, just days after the Prime Minister’s announcement, Mr Johnson is facing Covid-related pressure from his own backbenches.

If the Prime Minister does not lift the so-called Plan B coronavirus restrictions by January 26, Mark Harper, 51, the chair of the lockdown-skeptic Covid Recovery Group and a former chief whip, warned him that he could face a Conservative revolt even bigger than the one in December.

“I think there will be even more people against it,” Mr Harper, who was elected to the Commons as the MP for the Forest of Dean in 2005, told the Financial Times.

“I believe the intellectual case is now even weaker,” he continued.

Mr Harper, on the other hand, has warned that Mr Johnson may face a leadership challenge in 2022.

Mr Harper told the Financial Times that he believes Mr Johnson’s position could be called into question if the Tories suffer defeats in local elections.

Last time out, the Prime Minister celebrated massive gains after gaining control of an additional 13 councils, increasing their councillors by 235 and reclaiming the once safe.

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