Boris has provided a route out of the petrol crisis mayhem with a new HGV scheme.


Boris has provided a route out of the petrol crisis mayhem with a new HGV scheme.

Britain can alleviate the lack of HGV drivers, according to Boris Johnson, by launching a big, global recruitment campaign.

Remainers have quickly blamed the UK’s choice to leave the EU for a driver shortage, which has resulted in long lines at gas stations around the country as motorists desperately try to fill up their vehicles. However, according to a study released on Monday by the recruiting firm Indeed, any answer will most likely come from outside Europe.

Government plans to provide emergency permits to foreign truckers appear to have worked, with Indeed reporting a 307% increase in outside interest in UK HGV openings.

However, the data suggests that the majority of candidates are from outside the EU, indicating that some other European countries, like Britain, are experiencing driver shortages.

Furthermore, getting a UK job for an EU-based driver is now no easier than getting one for a non-EU candidate, reducing the incentive to apply.

Drivers from India, the United Arab Emirates, South Africa, and Nigeria, as well as Poland, are the most eager to assist the government.

“Petrol shortages and the threat of bare supermarket shelves have forced the Government into action, and all eyes have turned to our European neighbors to see if the offer of 5,000 temporary visas can encourage EU drivers to return to the UK for work,” said Jack Kennedy, UK Economist at Indeed.

“However, we may be looking in the wrong direction, because the fact that so many other European nations are grappling with their own driver shortages suggests that EU-based drivers may want to stay close to home rather than relocate to post-Brexit Britain.”

“Thankfully, there has been a significant increase in interest from drivers outside the EU.

”For them, British HGV jobs are likely to be very appealing because of the quickly rising pay and sign-on bonuses on offer, even if the visas are only valid for three months.”

“However, the Government’s visa plan is unlikely to be a perfect solution,” Mr Kennedy said. Visas for 5,000 drivers may only touch the surface of what is required, with some estimates putting the deficit at 100,000 people.

“Brinkwire Summary News” says that non-EU drivers will be less likely to have the Driver.


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