Boris has been accused of ‘picking pensioners’ pockets in low-income housing.


Boris has been accused of ‘picking pockets of pensioners’ in low-income housing.

BORIS Johnson has been accused of picking the pockets of hard-up pensioners after it was revealed that, under the social care cap, they will have to pay tens of thousands more for care than their wealthier counterparts.

The government announced in September that starting in October 2023, the maximum amount anyone will have to pay for personal care will be £86,000.

The cap was expected to be equal to the sum of all care costs, including means-tested council funds.

However, a note on the Government’s website on Wednesday stated that financial support from local governments will not count toward the cap.

It means that a pensioner with a £90,000 home who qualifies for council assistance could pay the same for their care as someone with a home worth £250,000 or more who is not eligible for meanstested assistance.

Care costs could still deplete nearly all of their assets, forcing them to sell their home.

The move will save the Treasury hundreds of millions of pounds, but it will expose many lower-income homeowners to significant costs, including the need to sell their homes to pay for long-term care.

“Our social care desperately needs more cash,” said Rachel Harrison, of the GMB union.

Picking the pockets of the poorest retirees, on the other hand, is cruel, misguided, and shows no signs of progress.”

“It beggars belief that months after announcing his ‘plan’ to fix social care, the Prime Minister is moving the goalposts to make it less generous for those who can least afford it,” Daisy Cooper MP, the Liberal Democrat Health and Social Care spokeswoman, said.

The lifetime cap on health-care costs was already inadequate.

“As a result of the Prime Minister’s last-minute changes to the plan, someone with fewer assets could see their care costs double.”

“Sneaking out these inequitable changes under the guise of the sleaze scandal is an insult to the millions of families who are facing crippling health-care costs.”

The change will be voted on by Conservative MPs, but Mr Johnson has been warned that Tories in the so-called red wall seats, which gave his government an 80-seat majority at the last election, may revolt.

“If you own a £1 million house in the Home Counties, over 90% of your assets are protected,” said Torsten Bell of the Resolution Foundation think tank.

“If you own a £70,000 house in Hartlepool, you can lose almost everything.”

I’m not convinced the government has considered this.

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