Boris exclaims, ‘Take that back!’ Blackford tells him to ‘calm down.’


‘Take that back!’ exclaims Boris, who is told to ‘calm down’ by Blackford.

During a ferocious showdown at Prime Minister’s Questions, BORIS JOHNSON erupted at Ian Blackford, accusing him of being “disrespectful” in his accusations against the Prime Minister.

Mr Johnson is “not fit to defend these islands,” according to the SNP Westminster leader, who then accuses him of lacking “moral authority” to lead the country during the pandemic.

Speaker Lindsay Hoyle intervened, telling Mr Blackford to “calm down,” while Mr Johnson urged “respect” from the Scotsman.

Mr Johnson, according to Mr Blackford, is “too weak to get a more cautious and sensible approach past his divided cabinet and his mutinous backbenchers” in addressing the spread of the Omicron variant.

“The Prime Minister knows he doesn’t have the moral authority to protect the public when he has himself broken previous restrictions!” he slammed.

“The public is confronted with a Prime Minister who lacks the political leadership and authority to protect these islands!”

“I believe the right honorable gentlemen should take back what he said,” Mr Johnson lurched back, hammering.

I believe he should respect the traditions of this House, which is that you don’t accuse people of things they haven’t done or that are completely false!

It comes after a SNP MP claimed that the United Kingdom has the worst record of poverty and income inequality in northern Europe, but Boris Johnson slammed the claims.

“We had a year of Tory sleaze, but now we have a year of Tory squeeze for family budgets,” he said.

“Economists have predicted that living standards in the United Kingdom will deteriorate by 2022, but the poorest households will be hardest hit by Tory cuts, tax hikes, and soaring inflation as a result of his Government’s policies!”

“This country has the worst inequality and poverty in Northwest Europe under this Prime Minister.”

Mr Blackford then demanded that Mr Johnson “match” the SNP’s £20 child payment for low-income families, which he said should be implemented across the UK.

“Or will the Conservatives force hundreds of thousands of children into poverty as a direct result of his policies?” he continued.

Mr Johnson, on the other hand, pulled no punches in his retort to Mr Blackford, accusing him of “talking absolute nonsense.”

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