Bonkers! A unusual planning dispute has erupted between residents over a modest 1.5-meter-high bike shelter.


Bonkers! A unusual planning dispute has erupted between residents over a modest 1.5-meter-high bike shelter.

RESIDENTS have expressed their displeasure after getting involved in a planning dispute over a tiny 1.5 meter high bike shed.

Neighbors at a four-flat building in Roseberry Place, Gullane, East Lothian, Scotland, were fed up with their bikes taking up too much room in the public stairs. They got together to tackle the problem and erected a modest storage building that could hold up to ten bicycles and two wheelchairs.

The bike shed was built in the communal yard of the flats at the back of the building.

However, they were taken aback when East Lothian Council employees informed them that their 1.5-metre-high structure required planning permission after it had been constructed.

Residents have written to the council, arguing that the shed is required to keep the wheelchairs and bikes, which would otherwise be a safety hazard on the stairwell.

“Currently, there are further four individually owned full height (over 2m) outbuildings in the garden jointly owned by the tenement of Rosebery Place, which is divided between 12 residential and 6 commercial properties,” they said in a statement to planning officers.

“The owners/residents of the four homes (involved) have no access to any of these sheds,” the residents said, adding that they had no idea the shed was an unwelcome addition to the land when it was built.

Other residents in the building, they alleged, had taller sheds as well.

“The shed provides much-needed storage for two wheelchairs and a number of bicycles (about 10) owned by the residents,” they stated.

“These objects were formerly stored within the common stairwell, but have recently caused a safety danger to residents and visitors, necessitating the construction of additional outdoor storage,” according to the application.

Meanwhile, earlier this month, other East Lothian residents were caught up in another bike riot.

Cyclists traveling to North Berwick were perplexed to learn that a car had parked on top of all of the bike racks in the East Lothian town.

They said that because the car was parked so close to the Harbour Master’s office, where the bike racks were, they couldn’t properly chain up their bikes.

“Hey @VisNorthBerwick, why is there a car parking place next to these.”Brinkwire Summary News,” one Twitter user @dgcorepath raged.


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