Bone launches a scathing attack on ‘evil’ human trafficking gangs, demanding that they ‘Stop the route.’


Bone launches a scathing attack on ‘evil’ human trafficking gangs, demanding that they ‘Stop the route.’

In an effort to combat human trafficking and terrible drownings, Peter Bone has asked the UK to return persons coming in England by crossing the Channel straight back to France.

Tory MP Peter Bone has urged for Britain’s legislation to reach an agreement with France on a “return policy” for migrants unlawfully entering the country to seek asylum, claiming that these people should be “brought back in a ferry” as soon as they set foot in the country and denied refuge. He is adamant that if this new method is embraced, the current immigration problem will be over, and many lives would be spared as a result. The Conservative Party lawmaker claimed that the action would help to combat “evil” people trafficking and smuggling organizations, preventing catastrophes such as boats sinking.

“It appears to me that it’s a really straightforward solution to begin with,” he told Channel 4.

“It’s to bring people in from France and then transport them back to France on a ferry, which would make the route unviable.”

“What makes people cross?” If these criminal gangs realized they wouldn’t be able to enter the United Kingdom, pay them a lot of money!” The Tory MP also stated that France, or other nations where migrants initially entered Europe, should deal with the issue of processing asylum applications.

“From what I gather, the first safe country asylum seekers are arriving, and they must request for refuge there,” he added. France is a secure country, and they should take advantage of it.

“If we want to preserve lives, and these aren’t the first ones that have been lost this year, we must act now.”

“This has been going on for years; we’ve been losing individuals in the Channel throughout the years.”

“You must halt the road, and if the French choose to intervene, you must agree on a return policy!”

Most refugees and migrants who cross the Channel are fleeing violence and war in their home countries, such as Iraq, Syria, Sudan, Yemen, and Egypt, and expecting to find better living conditions in England.

Smugglers who supply the boats can charge up to £1,200 per passenger for a trip that frequently ends in catastrophe due to poor weather, engine failure, and running out of gasoline. “Brinkwire News Summary.”


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