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Bondi coffee shop owner met with overwhelming support after a customer’s kind gesture

A struggling Sydney barista who lost almost all his customers overnight has been inundated with support after one customer’s heartwarming gesture.

Rob Mayer, owner of Coffee Express at Bondi Junction Railway Station, recently had his foot traffic cut down to almost nothing when the escalators leading up to his shop were shut down for maintenance.

The changes mean almost all of Rob’s customers stopped walking by his shop and stopped buying coffees. 

Dylan Ross told Daily Mail Australia he was preparing to catch the train on Wednesday when he stopped by Rob’s shop and found the barista dishearten and the area a ‘ghost town’.

Mr Ross decided share Rob’s story on a local Facebook page, Bondi Local Loop, and asked the community to get behind the struggling small business.

‘Rob has been dealt some pretty s****y cards in an already tough time with the train station closing down the escalator next to his stand for five weeks,’ he wrote. 

‘(This) effectively drives all commuters up the other end of the platform, removing pretty much 100 per cent of his incidental foot traffic sales.’

‘If you catch the train at Bondi Junction in the morning and drink coffee or juice or anything else, consider walking 30 seconds back up the platform to see him.’

The post was met with support with dozens of people promising to help his business on their next train ride.

‘Will grab a coffee from you tomorrow on my way to work,’ a woman said. 

‘What a thoughtful thing to post – I will definitely be visiting Rob next time I’m at the station,’ said one man.

‘I buy my coffee from there everyday and it’s so delicious,’ said another local. 

Rob has also fitted cheeky signs reading: ‘Eat and drink coffee here or you will starve and we will too’ to divert some foot traffic towards his shop.

Mr Ross said he was blown away by the reaction and hoping the thousands of likes and comments would now turn into coffee sales.

‘He’s a pretty cheery bloke and could see he was trying to stay positive about it,’ he said.

Mr Ross said the sudden change in emotion was what inspired him to share Rob’s story and was glad it had left such an impact.    

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