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Bodybuilder Kimberley Devine pleads guilty to supplying cocaine in Double Bay

A bikini-wearing bodybuilder was caught with 16 bags of cocaine and $6,000 in cash after being pulled by police, after turning to selling drugs to support her own habit.

Kimberley Sarah Devine, 28, a champion bodybuilder who has trained with The Commando, was stopped by police in Double Bay in Sydney’s eastern suburbs on February 21.

She was found with a stash of cocaine and cash, after police saw a man hop into her car and be dropped off a short time later, Waverley Local court heard.

The glamorous fitness fanatic plead guilty to two counts of supply a prohibited drug and one count of deal with proceeds of crime on Wednesday.

Police grew suspicious and confronted the man, 26, who jumped out of Devine’s car and found two bags of cocaine on his person. 

Investigators then tailed Ms Devine’s car, pulled her over and searched her vehicle, where they found the drugs, cash and a phone in a concealed compartment.

The drugs weighed 12.2g. 

The court heard Devine was selling the illegal substance to support her drug habit after her ex-partner got her hooked on cocaine, Daily Telegraph reported.  

Devine plead guilty to all three counts as magistrate Ross Hudson accepted that she was selling drugs to support her own habit.  

‘In the eastern suburbs and in many other places in this state the supply of drugs is an absolute blight on our communities,’ he said.

‘What is does is fund an illegal market and adds to people’s complications to their mental health. It has no benefits. It is abhorrent.’

Devine was issued 150 hours of community service work, slapped with a $1,000, as well as a community correction order for two years with supervision. 

She was also ordered to continue counselling and stop using drugs for 12 months. 

The bodybuilding pro, from the city’s south, describes herself on social media as a ‘tested athlete’ and ‘natural bodybuilder’ who ‘works my ass off’ to get ahead.

Four days before she was charged, Devine posted to Instagram to note a big world championship competition was coming up.

‘The last two months have been nothing short of chaos,’ she wrote.

‘I’ve worked 3 jobs, 19 hour days and sleep has been non-existent … it’s time to focus on remembering basically who the (f***) I am!’

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