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Bodybuilder cures his agonizing acne by giving up CHEESE

These amazing before and after photos show how a bodybuilder with acne which covered his face transformed his skin by simply giving up cheese.

From the age of 15, Brian Turner, now 27, suffered with painful cystic acne and his face was covered in explosive spots.

The San Diego resident says his inflamed skin left his confidence at rock bottom, and his acne was so sensitive it even hurt to lie on his pillow.

The young bodybuilder was feasting on a gallon on milk and four large servings of cottage cheese a day in order to increase his bulk and energy for exercise.

The super-fit man had no idea his dairy binge was behind his acne – until he cut it out of his diet and noticed his ski improve immediately.

He was so impressed he decided to turn vegan – and since dedicating himself to a plant-based diet, he said he has barely had a single pimple.

Brian, now a professional acne expert, said: ‘My face literally hurt at all times but especially when laying against a pillow.

‘It made my life difficult and turned acne into the center point for anyone talking to me.

‘I made the decision to give up dairy to see if it helped and my skin started to improve immediately.

‘I couldn’t believe it!’

Brian massively increased his dairy intake when he was 15 years old as he started trying to gain weight for the sake of his bodybuilding hobby.

His acne became much worse at the same time, but he didn’t make the connection.

Painful cysts erupted on his face, leaving him in agony on a daily basis and feeling self conscious about his appearance, lowering his self esteem.

His doctor tried him on the acne medication accutane but when Brian’s condition remained the same – after seven years of suffering – he was advised to give up dairy.

Brian said: ‘The course of accutane didn’t work until my doctor told me to take whey protein powders out of my diet. I took all dairy out and it finally started working.

‘Immediately I was no longer seeing new cysts pop up but it took a month or so for me to see the true benefits emerge and my redness and inflammation to start going away.

‘After my face had mostly cleared, I started having dairy and whey protein bars again and immediately started breaking out in cysts so I stopped having dairy entirely.

‘My performance in the gym improved, my inflammation decreased and my energy levels shot up.

‘Six months later, I went fully vegan after theorizing the meats I was eating were packed with hormones and those could be making my acne worse along with the dairy.

‘I went vegan originally to improve my acne but now it lines up with my core values and beliefs.

‘I would recommend it to people with acne as dairy is one the largest and most common causes of acne.’

Brian has now made an easy to follow 10 step program to guide people in clearing their own acne without expensive products.

Tips include eradicating dairy from your diet, changing your pillowcases and bedsheets every night, increasing your water intake and quitting alcohol and smoking.

The Acne Program is set to be released later this year with the option to sign up to the waiting list available on Brian’s website now.

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