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BLM activists brand anyone who won’t raise their fist in protest ‘white supremacists’ as they surround diners

BLM activists claimed that anyone who won’t raise their fist in protest are “white supremacists” as they “bullied” diners.

One Twitter video showed a group of Washington DC demonstrators jeering and berating a couple sitting in the outdoor dining section.

A female protester, who wasn’t wearing a coronavirus mask, screamed over their table, demanding to know why they wouldn’t raise their fists.

When she continued to shout at them and stand close to their table, the man slowly put on his protective face covering while the group continued to hurl abuse at them.

“White supremacists!” a person concluded over the megaphone as the table seated next to the couple continued to raise their fists.

Elsewhere in DC, more footage emerged of protesters accosting a different woman sitting outside another restaurant.

They screamed “no justice, no peace” inches away from the masked woman’s face because she apparently did not want to raise her fist.

Former Wall Street Journal correspondent and author Asra Q. Nomani shared the shocking footage on Twitter.

“Here are more protestors on the streets of DC demanding a woman raise her fist against ‘white supremacy,'” Nomani wrote.

“They are actually proud of this shaming and bullying. They promote it as a job well done.”

News of outdoor diners being targets in DC comes as riots rage in Kemosha, Wisconsin, over the police shooting of Jacob Blake.

The 29-year-old dad was gunned down in front of his three kids after trying to break up a domestic dispute between two women on Sunday.

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He remains paralyzed in hospital as the chaos continued in Kemosha for the past two nights.

Gov Tony Evers had to bring in the National Guard and desperate residents armed themselves to protect the burning city.

Protesters tried to block an armored truck but cops sprayed them with tear gas.

Elsewhere, looters threatened to scorch a man’s store as businesses and a church were torched there.

“We’ll burn your store down too!” a female protester jeered as he drove away.

Bradford Community Church Unitarian Universalist – which has a Black Lives Matter sign outside – narrowly avoided being destroyed completely in the inferno on Monday.

A video shared on their Facebook page showed the building engulfed in flames as Rev. Erik David Carlson credited “heroic journalists and rain barrels” for preventing it from being destroyed yesterday.

Blake’s family were also on the streets pleading with protesters to be peaceful, according to a TMJ4 reporter.

A cop was knocked out after protesters hurled bricks at his colleagues and their cop car.

The citywide curfew was flouted again last night as police tried to disperse people away from the smoke-filled streets.

Officers fired tear gas around 8.30 pm as protesters broke curfew, chanting “no justice, no peace.”

Swathes of furious activists confronted a line of officers who wore protective gear and stood shoulder-to-shoulder in front of the city’s courthouse entrance.

The Wisconsin Department of Justice Division of Criminal Investigation (DCI) confirmed Blake’s shooting is being investigated in a press release.

The officers involved have all been place on administrative leave amid widespread condemnation from politicians.

Blake came out of surgery on Monday morning after being rushed to Froedtert Hospital in Milwaukee, where he remains in ICU.

A petition has been set up calling for the cops involved to be charged and Blake’s GoFundMe page has raised $827,439 of its $1,000,000 goal.

DCI, Wisconsin State Patrol and Kenosha County Sheriff’s Office are heading up an investigation into Blake’s shooting.

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