‘Blairite politics’ means time is up – ’11 year con,’ Boris warned.


‘There’s no one left to blame,’ Boris warned, adding that ‘Blairite politics’ means the game is up – an ’11-year con.’

BORIS JOHNSON has been warned that voters are “calling time” on his Tory party leadership due to his “Blairite politics.”

Mr Johnson has been a major figure in Conservative Party politics for many years, eventually becoming its leader – and, in turn, Prime Minister – in 2019. However, a leading think tank chief has claimed that Brexit voters who lent him their vote are “calling the loan back,” implying that Mr Johnson has very little time left in office.

After the next election, Ben Harris-Quinney, chairman of the Bow Group, Britain’s oldest conservative think tank, predicts that the Prime Minister will face a “serious challenge to his leadership.”

This election is “likely to return Britain to the territory of hung parliaments or very small majorities,” he said, implying that the Conservatives will seek to rearrange their top brass.

He went on to say that the source of voter resentment is not a personality issue, but rather the Conservative Party’s political direction.

“Boris has lost any trust he had in the conservative movement, especially on issues like immigration and his green agenda,” Mr Harris-Quinney said.

While Mr Johnson was portrayed as conservatism’s “great hope” – particularly because of his apparent support for the Brexit movement – it soon became clear that he was “just another Blairite metropolitan liberal in a different skin,” he added.

Mr Johnson “talked a good game” before his election, but after gaining power, he “failed to deliver.”

“He isn’t the patriotic conservative he sold himself as,” Mr Harris-Quinney said.

He claimed that immigration is the area where this is most evident.

As voters turn against the Conservatives, Boris is on the verge of losing his seat.

Despite his role as a figurehead in the Brexit campaign, which focused heavily on the need to reclaim control of the UK’s borders from the EU, Mr Johnson has long been a supporter of loose immigration controls.

He insisted that Britons “stop moaning about the dam-burst” of immigration in a 2012 Telegraph column.

He’s also been a long-time supporter of amnesty for illegal immigrants.

Commentators and groups such as Migration Watch UK have criticized the post-Brexit immigration system for failing to address the problem of the number of migrants entering the UK each year, whether legally or illegally.

“People did not vote for Brexit to simply change the continent of origin of immigrants to the UK,” Mr Harris-Quinney explained.

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