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Bizarre optical illusion makes people look like shadows on sand

Amazing footage captured by a drone shows beach volleyball players looking like shadows in the sand thanks to an optical illusion. 

Professional photographer Kyle Huber, 32, captured the stunning footage at the beach in Gulf Shores, Alabama.

The video shows 12 people playing volleyball on the sand, but with the top-down perspective made them look like long shadows. 

As the drove hovered above, the optical illusion made their real bodies hard to spot as they hit the ball across the net. 

In the late afternoon sun the shadows appear to be the ones playing as they competitively pass the ball around. 

The amazing video looks like something from a computer game as the players run around on the sand.  

The photographer had originally been trying to capture photos of the ocean but instead got this incredible optical illusion. 

Kyle said: ‘After a long day in the sun, I decided to throw my drone up in the air at around 4PM to shoot some photos of the ocean.   

The video was taken on August 6.  

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