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Bitter EU chiefs tried to block Liam Fox’s bid to become head of World Trade Organisation

BITTER EU chiefs tried to block Liam Fox’s bid to become head of the World Trade Organisation, it was revealed.

Leaders of the 27 member states ganged up against the former British Defence Secretary – despite him being the only European in the race.

The countries cast their votes as a bloc and pointedly refused to choose him as one of the four candidates they are allowed to nominate.

But despite their best efforts to nobble him, Dr Fox made it through to the last five.

It is clear he is getting support from a range of other countries around the world.

Officials say it proves Britain can get along without its old partners.

A Whitehall source said: “Liam’s progression through this process is evidence of the global support we can command as a country with a huge reputation for supporting free trade.

“Whatever the eventual outcome of the nomination, it’s clear the UK doesn’t need EU support to make an impact as an independent nation.”

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