Bitcoin mining tragedy as crypto seeker dies after being electrocuted by a defective computer


Bitcoin mining tragedy as crypto seeker dies after being electrocuted by a defective computer

A BITCOIN miner was shocked to death by his defective computer.

Danai Makmek, a 26-year-old Thai woman, is thought to be the first person to die as a result of bitcoin mining. On Tuesday in the country’s central Chonburi region, he was electrocuted while attempting to power up his computer system in order to acquire more cryptocurrency.

Danai, like other bitcoin miners, had hooked up numerous hard drives to build a massive crypto mining machine, which he cooled with electric fans.

When his system went out and he couldn’t get it to switch back on, he became panicked and asked his brother, Apiwat Makmek, for assistance with the broken rig.

Apiwat claimed he told his brother he would accompany him to a specialist the next day to fix the system, which was capable of earning thousands of dollars in bitcoin each week, but

Danai wanted to avoid losing money by using the ATM.

Apiwat revealed “I warned him, but he couldn’t wait,” Danai stated after attempting to fix the machine himself.

“I believe he became worried and remained up all night attempting to solve it.”

Danai is reported to have been electrocuted after the bitcoin mining computer burst.

He was slouched over the Bitcoin machine.

The rig, which included at least 19 hard drives, was a tangled jumble of cables and drives, as seen in photos.

Apiwat revealed that he had been concerned about the computer system’s security, which Danai had assembled himself.

“The computer was upgraded to give it greater power,” he explained.

“I don’t think it was safe, but it was created by my brother for Bitcoin mining, which he enjoyed.”

Apiwat said he discovered his brother dead after arriving with a technician to fix the computer system on Wednesday morning.

There were no traces of forced entry into the room, and Danai had no suspicious injuries, according to Police Colonel Santi Shoosheud, leading them to suspect he had been electrocuted.

“We assume he was electrocuted while attempting to repair the faulty machine on his own,” he said.

“We are currently looking into the situation, but no forced entry or suspicious injuries have been discovered thus far.”

While Danai’s death is thought to be the first to be tied to bitcoin mining, accidents have occurred in the past due to the high amount of electricity it consumes.

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