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Big-haired poodle is spitting image of Queen guitarist Brian May

POODLE Onyx not only looks like Queen guitarist Brian May — he even loves his music.

Owner Rose Haley, 23, says she is often stopped by people who spot the resemblance.

The two-year-old developed his curly grey bouffant at seven months old.

Rose said: “It’s definitely Onyx’s hair that reminds me the most of Brian May. They have the same signature hairdo.

“A lot of people agree that Onyx looks like Brian May.

“I get so many comments on his hair, a lot of people have said they’re twins.

“My roommate says he’s Brian May in another life. He even gives off that rock star vibe.

“I played Onyx Queen’s music a lot when we first noticed the resemblance. He’s a fan too.

“If Brian May ever saw Onyx, I hope he would think he’s a cool dude just like himself.”

Rose, from Lakeland, Florida, suffers severe migraines and Onyx is trained to alert her before an attack.

Now that’s a kind of magic.

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