Biden praises Liz Truss’ “British charm,” raising hopes for a US trade deal.


Biden praises Liz Truss’ “British charm,” raising hopes for a US trade deal.

Liz Truss spoke with her counterpart across the pond this week, boosting hopes of a UK-US trade accord.

During a five-day tour from Sunday to Thursday, July 15, the International Trade Secretary met Katherine Tai, the US trade representative. A future UK-US free trade agreement was on the table, and US officials were said to be impressed with Ms Truss’ diplomatic attitude.

Washington, on the other hand, has cautioned about the timeline for an agreement that is not anticipated to be signed right away and may take at least a year to complete.

“Ambassador Tai greatly loved the visit by Liz Truss, who brought her remarkable British charm over from London,” a White House source said.

“We fully intend to strengthen the US-UK trade partnership in line with the Biden administration’s global goal.

“However, have no doubt that this will require time and concerted effort; trade deals do not happen quickly or immediately.”

The sessions also focused on how the two countries can tackle market-distorting trade practices like as industry subsidies and dumping, according to the Department for International Trade.

By combating forced labor and boosting supply-chain resilience, the two also want to safeguard employees and enterprises that follow the rules against unfair trading practices in the global trading system.


According to a fact-checking investigation for a French TV channel, Brexiteers “should praise the EU” for the UK’s quick vaccination implementation.

According to a fact-checking program on France24, Brexit has not allowed Britain to move faster on vaccines than the EU.

It went on to say that “British citizens, including Brexiteers and Remainers, owe vaccines to the EU.”

The video refuted assertions made by British Health Secretary Matt Hancock, who stated in December last year that Brexit had allowed his government to move faster than its EU counterparts.

New Zealand’s veiled threat to limit the UK’s entry to a major trade group has enraged Britons, who claim Jacinda Ardern “got it wrong.”

The Prime Minister of New Zealand spoke to the country’s Institute of International Affairs, saying that trade talks with the United Kingdom were “well-advanced.”

Boris Johnson has stated that joining the Comprehensive and Progressive Agreement for Trans-Pacific Partnership (CPTPP) is a top goal for the United Kingdom after Brexit.

Ms Ardern emerged in a veiled threat to Britain’s exit from the EU. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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