Biden has been instructed to keep troops in Afghanistan or risk the formation of new ISIS-like extremist groups.


Biden has been instructed to keep troops in Afghanistan or risk the formation of new ISIS-like extremist groups.

If the US withdraws from Afghanistan, other threats similar to ISIS will emerge, according to Joe Biden.

US President Joe Biden has stated that the majority of US troops in Afghanistan will be removed by September 11, 2021. However, Australian Liberal MP Dave Sharma has warned that President Biden could repeat ex-President Barack Obama’s blunder. Mr Sharma remarked on Sky News Australia that when President Obama withdrew troops from Iraq, ISIS was free to grow and eventually cause big problems for the US.

Mr Sharma warned that a similar scenario may unfold in Afghanistan as substantial US and NATO forces leave the country.

“I believe there is a middle ground; in my opinion, it has been wrongly dubbed the eternal war within Washington’s foreign policy circles,” Mr Sharma added.

“However, no US serviceman has perished in Afghanistan in several years.

“This dedication came at a minimal cost, both financially and in terms of materials and equipment.

“I just want to make the point that there are thousands of US troops in countries like Japan, Germany, South Korea, and even Iraq today.

“A few of them have been there on a regular basis for decades.

“The cost of keeping peace, the ongoing presence, can be high at times.

“The way the US presence in Afghanistan was currently designed, which was essentially a train and assist mission based around Bagram airbase, exposing them to a minimal level of risk while providing a massive force multiplier and enabler for the Afghan national forces, was buying stability at a very low cost.”

Mr. Sharma also addressed some of the problems that President Biden must examine if troops are to be withdrawn.

“I sincerely hope the Biden administration reconsiders this decision,” he added.

“We saw when President Obama took office that he planned to get the US out of Iraq.

“As a result of his actions, the Islamic State, often known as ISIS, was founded and threatened to take over Iraq and Syria.

“Eventually, he made the decision to send troops back in.

“There are currently 250,00 troops in Iraq, but they help to maintain the stability of the Iraqi government.

“In Afghanistan, we need to do something similar.”


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