‘Biased’ After defending the BBC licence fee, Gary Lineker was savaged, saying, “I am obliged to pay!”


‘Biased’ After defending the BBC licence fee, Gary Lineker was savaged, saying, “I am obliged to pay!”

GARY Lineker has been roundly chastised for declaring he was “proud” of the BBC for giving “such much quality” for the licence fee, despite people protesting that they are “forced to pay it.”

The former England footballer is the BBC’s highest-paid broadcaster, earning £1.36 million last year. He took to social media yesterday, after the corporation’s coverage of the Tokyo Olympics finished, to laud his employers for being “revered around the world.” “Obviously, I’m prejudiced, but we should be proud of the BBC in this country,” he remarked on Twitter.

“It is adored all around the world, and for good reason.

“For three quid a week, you get so much variety and quality.”

His supporters, on the other hand, were eager to express their displeasure with the £159 annual price.

“We should not be forced to pay £3 a week if we have a TV,” one individual responded.

“Sky and Netflix are significantly superior, so I would absolutely opt out.”

“I don’t want to be told I have to fund it,” a second individual wrote. It’s simply incorrect.”

“Maybe £3 a week,” another person wrote, “but people over 75 should not have to pay for it.”

“Not worth the TV license price I pay, in my opinion!” stated a third.

“I don’t watch the BBC for at least 95% of the time.”

Up until August of last year, over-75s were eligible for a free television license, but due to budget constraints, they were compelled to pay the annual fee.

Dennis Reed, the director of the Silver Voices campaign group, called on the government earlier this year to end the levies for the elderly.

“The BBC calls the people who make these visits ‘customer support officers,’ but their duty is to impose payment,” he explained.

“They’ll question why folks don’t have a driver’s license.

“Clearly, the BBC will not do anything except enforce the licence fee. It is now up to the government to take action.

“I’m sure they don’t want to see pensioners in their 80s and 90s, who have paid tax all their lives, fined up to £1,000 and taken to jail.”

Lord Botham, a former England cricket captain, also chastised the corporation for charging retirees license fees.

Lord Botham stated in a letter to The Telegraph: “Viewers may perceive that the moral offence here is that the BBC has broken.”Brinkwire Summary News


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