Berliners are already preparing for Merkel’s New Year’s speech, despite the German election farce.


Berliners are already preparing for Merkel’s New Year’s speech, despite the German election farce.

BERLINERS are gearing up for Angela Merkel’s New Year’s address.

In only a few days, on September 26, Germany will hold elections.

Germany will elect a new Bundestag, or German government, on this day.

Angela Merkel, Germany’s Chancellor, will retire not long after.

However, there have been a number of concerns raised concerning Germany’s approaching election.

If Germany’s political parties cannot agree on a coalition, political analyst Tilman Mayer told Online Focus: “It is unimaginable that coalition alliances will not come about at all.”

“There are four to five different ways to form three-way alliances, so one of them has to work – for example, the traffic light or the Jamaica coalition.

“The Greens and the FDP would play a prominent role in both alliances.”

The problem of how different the parties are may arise as a result of the coalition’s potential.

“Both parties are liberal in the broadest sense,” Mr Mayer said, “but the Greens also stand for other ideological themes like feminism, pacifism, the anti-nuclear campaign, and so on.”

Mr Mayer has also criticized Annalena Baerbock, the Green Party’s Chairwoman, saying, “And recently, maybe due to the election campaign, chairwoman Annalena Baerbock’s tone has grown considerably sharper, focusing on differentiating themselves, especially from the CDU / CSU.”

Tilman Mayer, on the other hand, claims that Ms Baerbock plagiarized during her political career, making any coalition more difficult.

“By the way, there’s practically a rejection of the middle-class milieu, which the Greens usually value,” he added.

“However, Baerbock’s plagiarism, as well as his well-known style of knowing better, cause one to sit up and take attention. It makes coalition illusions more difficult in any case.”

Mr Mayer, on the other hand, used his essay in Online Focus to highlight the parties’ distinct mentalities.

“The liberals still adhere to the liberal philosophy of recognizing the independence of entrepreneurial activity in the economy and society, which is relatively far from the state,” he said.

“A state climate policy that is not too liberal is crucial for them.”

Despite this, Mr Mayer has drawn parallels between the two parties.

“In terms of civil and human rights, the two liberal parties have something in common.”Brinkwire Summary News”.


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