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Ben Stokes’ dad reveals brain cancer battle as England cricket star flies back to New Zealand

BEN Stokes’ dad has revealed he has cancer after the England legend flew back to New Zealand to be with him. 

The cricket star travelled home to join his family, and is in self-isolation.

His father, Ged, tragically confirmed he had several tumours on his brain, after falling ill in December in South Africa.

He told the Weekend Herald: “They had to assess how I travelled and from that they discovered I had a couple of tumors on my brain as well.

“So, basically brain cancer.

“How that came about nobody knows but obviously I’ve had a few bangs on my head through my life so that’s probably contributed to it.”

England hero Ben withdrew from the England team in the recent Pakistan series to be with his family.

He said: “I didn’t sleep for a week and my head wasn’t really in it.

“Leaving [the team] was the right choice from a mental point of view.”

Stokes paid tribute to his dad when he was in hospital in January, by celebrating his ninth Test century with a heartfelt gesture.

And after completing his ton in Port Elizabeth, he did his trademark finger move, folding his middle finger in.

Sports Personality of the Year Stokes has done the gesture for many years to pay reference to his dad – who had part of his middle finger amputated to overcome persistent dislocations.

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