Ben Hillman chastises guests for their “fussy” demands, asking, “Where am I going wrong?”


Ben Hillman chastises guests for their “fussy” demands, asking, “Where am I going wrong?”

When his guests were a touch too finicky when looking for an apartment in Mallorca, Spain, A PLACE IN THE SUN host Ben Hillman acknowledged he wasn’t expecting such a “difficult time.”

On Monday afternoon, Channel 4 broadcasted a classic episode of the hit property show, in which host Ben Hillman took Tina and her son Jamie on a tour of beautiful apartments on the sunny Spanish island. Tina was on the lookout for a home that fit her £150,000 budget. Ben, on the other hand, chastised her for her “fussy” demands.

The episode was shot on the east coast of Mallorca, which Ben described as one of Europe’s most popular vacation spots.

Tina, his visitor, had come to discover a perfect retirement apartment after a lifetime of working as a pianist on cruise ships.

Jamie was on hand to assist his mother in her search for the perfect property, which he hoped would not be “too touristic.”

Despite her low budget, Ben soon discovered that Tina, a German native, was highly precise about her wants and demands.

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Tina said on the second residence with Ben that it felt more like a hotel than a home.

“Is that because it has a pool?” Ben inquired. Is this where I made a mistake?

“You said you wanted a pool. I’ve given you a pool, and now you’re saying, “We’re in a hotel.” You’re being a snob.”

Tina then made a joke about the home being modeled after the set of the 1980s sitcom Hi-de-Hi, which was set in a fake British vacation camp.

“It’s a little [Hi-de-Hi]?” Ben responded. Oh, the horror. Please, Jamie, save me here.”

Unlike his mother, Jamie told Ben that he felt the house was “very wonderful” and that it featured a great pool and a shaded garden area.

Jamie was “hitting all the critical points,” according to Ben, who also noted how central the site was.

“It is most likely the most important property I have to show you. It’s close to the shops and a short walk from the beach,” he said.

“It has a pool and a beautiful view, and it is secluded. Where did I go wrong?” I mean, where did I go wrong?

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