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Belgium beachgoers launch umbrellas and attack each other with sun loungers as brawl erupts

This is the moment beachgoers in Belgium fought each other with umbrellas and sun loungers. 

The video was filmed at Blankenberge beach yesterday after people clashed with police and lifeguards. 

Mayor Daphné Dumery has closed Blankenberge to day-trippers today following the incident, saying the town needs a ‘time-out’, according to The Brussels Times.   

At the beginning of the clip, beachgoers can be seen clashing with police as sand flies around.  

A chair is hurled across the beach as people throw punches and sand at each other. 

Umbrellas can also be seen flying through the air after beachgoers threw them in the video which was posted on Twitter shortly before 6pm yesterday. 

The fight is said to have started after a lifeguard pointed out to a group of around 40 young people that sitting on the breakwater was prohibited, according to The Brussels Times. 

The group reportedly refused to leave so the police were then called which was when a brawl between the group and police broke out. Several people were arrested. 

Train companies were asked to stop services arriving at Blankenberge today between 9am and 4pm with police will be manning checkpoints along roads leading up to the resort. 

Residents, owners of second homes and tourists staying for several days will still be allowed to access Blankenberge. 

Rail authority SNCB said trains will remain on schedule and the situation will change if the federal government decides.    

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