‘Beginning to explore’: Princess Diana planned a relocation to a ‘Malibu retreat,’ according to a pal.


‘Beginning to explore’: Princess Diana planned a relocation to a ‘Malibu retreat,’ according to a pal.

PRINCESS DIANA planned to go to the United States with Prince William and Prince Harry and hoped to be a film director, according to a friend of the princess.

On August 31, 1997, the late Princess of Wales died tragically in an automobile accident in Paris.

Diana’s voice coach disclosed the Princess’s plans to move to Malibu with her sons as her connection with film producer Dodi Fayed developed 24 years after her death.

Stewart Pearce told the Daily Mail, “This was Diana’s future.”

“She mentioned buying a property in Malibu with a view of the Pacific.”

Dodi Fayed was in a romantic relationship with Diana and was in her car when she crashed in the Pont de l’Alma tunnel in Paris.

He, too, died tragically 24 years ago.

Mr. Pearce claims Diana told him about her plans to break into Hollywood.

“However, one of the key opportunities that she wanted to generate was to begin making documentaries about three charity causes, which would subsequently be incorporated into major motion pictures,” he continued.

“She intended to spend a significant amount of time in Hollywood.

“The idea was that Diana was starting to tap into her creative potential.”

Diana’s relocation plans are similar to Prince Harry’s desire to leave his formal royal function and relocate to California, according to the voice coach, who spent time with the mother-of-two only days before her death.

Last year, Prince Harry and his wife, Meghan Markle, stepped down as working members of the Royal Family and relocated to California with their two children.

Mr Pearce has now revealed that their property is only 66 miles from Diana’s anticipated relocation.

He stated, “It’s really fascinating that Harry and Meghan have chosen to go.”

“To just above Santa Barbara, because that was the region Diana was thinking of, and they’re all really sports-oriented, you see.”


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