Before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, an incredible graphic illustrates her illustrious reign.


Before the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee, an incredible graphic illustrates her illustrious reign.

QUEEN ELIZABETH II has reigned the United Kingdom for 69 years and will celebrate her Platinum Jubilee in 2022, marking her 70th year on the throne.

As one of the world’s longest-serving queens, Her Majesty has become well-known to millions, if not billions, of people, with her reign being one of the most well-documented and discussed in contemporary history. Queen Elizabeth’s reign is longer than that of the next longest-serving queen, Queen Victoria.

She broke Victoria’s record of 63 years and 216 days on September 9, 2015.

George III, Queen Victoria’s great-grandfather, reigned for 59.27 years from 1760 to 1820, making him the third-longest reigning monarch.

The reign of the current monarch has been unlike any other in history.

Queen Elizabeth’s reign has been marked by a number of royal firsts and milestones, including traveling further than any monarch before her, but it has also seen the UK’s influence diminish significantly.

While the monarch’s position in public life has always been primarily ceremonial, she has witnessed some of the most significant transformations Britain has ever seen.

The British Empire was already in decline when she ascended to the queen in 1952.

The number of colonial people controlled by the British monarch fell from 700 million to five million between 1945 and 1965.

The humiliation of the Suez crisis, which occurred only three years after her accession to the throne, severely undermined Britain’s position as a world superpower.

During her reign, the Queen has had 12 Prime Ministers and is now the world’s longest-serving female queen.

Her rule has not been without personal tragedy, which has been avidly followed by both royal supporters and those opposed to the monarchy.

The 1990s were probably the family’s worst decade to date, with a number of major events that severely harmed the Queen’s personal popularity.

The separation of three of her children in 1992 was just one component of the world’s obsession with Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage’s demise.

In the same year, a fire at Windsor Castle was a personal tragedy for the king, but the indignation that followed after the people was originally blamed for the damage.

As the country was in recession and the king was on the throne, resentment of the royals’ lifestyles grew. “Brinkwire News in Condensed Form.”


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